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Rock Me  - Cherrie Lynn

yowza.  Well, I read this about a month ago & couldn't get myself to come write about it, but I'll at least explain myself a little.  Anything there might have been to like about this book was far overshadowed for me by the female in this story.  TWTL - too weepy to live.  I found myself every 10 pages or so thinking "good god!!  what the hell is she crying about now??"  She cries when she's happy.  When she's sad, she cries so hard she vomits.  She cries when they have sex.  Who would deal with that psycho?  No one.  Certainly not myself.  Thus my one star.

I know some people were able to overlook some faults for love of the male, Brian was it?  But I did not love him nearly enough to make up for her.