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Boundless - Cynthia Hand

Oh my goodny!  I was really impressed with this series!  As I mentioned, I got nervous at the beginning of the second book that this was going to turn into a teenage love triangle drama-fest.  I am glad to report that it does not.

The first two are pretty good, and this third book definitely had my blood pumping!  It was suspenseful & had lots of action, and fairly unpredictable (for me, anyway).  As a general impression, it was a fun read, perhaps a little wholesome for my taste.  After all, Clara (the narrating voice) referred to intimidating people as "baddies" - apparently badass was a bit brash for her.  Perhaps I'm tainted (or spoiled, depending on your perspective) but all the smut I've been reading, and the Unearthly series is pretty innocent.  On a related note, I'm also realizing the bad guys in this book weren't even <i>that</i> bad.  I guess it is a book about angels, though, so maybe everyone had to have some redeeming qualities.  

How about the characters, you ask?  Well there's Clara, she's alright.  I honestly feel pretty apathetic about her, don't love her, but she never bugged me.  Christian is surprisingly s sort of stoic, secret-keeping type.  But he's earnest and faithful.  Tucker, well I was just in love with him.  Y'all know how I feel about cowboys though!  He was a fun, heart-on-his-sleeve kind of guy.  Jeffrey, the brother, was a little brooding and pouty for my taste.

I did really like the series, but there were a couple parts that bugged me.  Mainly in the epilogue. 

The author made quite sure you knew that Tucker & Clara were living happily ever after, to an excessive extent.  Yes, I get it.  But for all that, there were other things that needed more closure, like what the hell happened to Angie & Phen?  Jeffrey?  Christian?  Also, the way Tucker not only gets to live now, but gets to live a glory-filled, extra long, special life with Clara with no one chasing them anymore was a bit much.  Nobody's <i>that</i> happy.  (Listen to me, the realist analyzing the young adult paranormal romance.  No wonder I'm disappointed.)

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