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Resisting Her - Kendall Ryan I'll be honest, I just stumbled across this author & went to look for my review of this book to remind myself whether I liked it or not... and I discovered I never wrote a review! So I'm calling it 3 stars for now, I'll try to skim the end to refresh my memory & actually write something :)Ok, I'm going to make an attempt. I just read another of Kendall Ryan's books, [b:The Impact of You|17664310|The Impact of You|Kendall Ryan|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1363930376s/17664310.jpg|24656631], and I enjoyed that both of these books had a unique premise. In this case, the female had just been rescued from a cult compound a la Jonestown, and the FBI agent that rescues her develops a thing for her & ends up taking her in. Of course, this would probably never happen to an FBI agent that has any sense of ethics, but you just kind of have to let that go. I liked this book, I think even more than I liked The Impact of You. If I remember correctly, the sexy time parts are pretty sexy. Looking back at my notes, of course I had some suggestions for how the story could have improved, but until I come up with my own story & write an entire book, maybe I'm not one to judge so much.