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My Favorite Mistake - Chelsea M. Cameron You just narrowly escaped a 1-star rating, book.Before I begin, I do want the masses to know that, when I decided I'd like to read this book, I went to b&n to buy it for my nook & it was $9. It didn't seem worth it to me, but then I went on my phone to google play & it was only $3 there!My experience with this book was pretty weird. If you'd asked me yesterday, when I was about halfway through, what I thought, I probably would've said 3 stars. I don't know if the last 1/3 of the book took a nosedive, or if it was the fact that I read a lot of it last night in an insomnia stupor, and finished it today during normal human hours. In any event, in the light of day, this book was a disappointment.The beginning was enough to get me to continue reading. Although it seemed sometimes like Ms. Cameron googled "what the kids are saying these days" (there were more "douchbags" and "asshats" than could possibly be counted), the writing was fine. There were these deep, dark secrets kept by both the main characters that left some intrigue, even if it did drag out longer than necessary. I'll admit, Hunter's big secret was actually surprising. Taylor's, not so much. In fact, by the time she told the story, it was a little anticlimactic, especially after all the foreboding comments and Hunter's big fat confession. And speaking of Taylor's secret, I have a rant about that. (shocking, I know.) I'm almost certain this is a personal thing for me. I was an advocate for victims for rape & stalking in college, so I probably have more knowledge of the topic than your average person, and I definitely have more passion than most about it. So, when books try to make this their "thing" I get picky about it. I'm not about to judge how Taylor & Tawny responded/dealt with what happened to them. In fact, I appreciated that they were two people who went through this together & were dealing with it in different ways. However... 10 years in prison for attempted rape? Someone who actually committed a rape, with physical proof, would probably not get 10 years. Not that he didn't deserve it, but that would just never happen. It seemed so completely asinine. But, maybe I need to realize it's a fiction book and get the hell over it. Anyhoo, I liked the flirtation between Hunter and Taylor at the beginning. I liked the getting to know everyone stages. Once all the cards were on the table, though, Hunter & Taylor got really obnoxious really fast. The sex scenes were weird. She was losing her virginity (btw, must they always be virgins?), and before I even knew what exactly was happening, she was suddenly on orgasm #3. Where were the first two? And who has THREE orgasms within minutes? Weird. Seriously, when I picked this book back up, I had about 25 pages left, and considered not finishing. There were a couple LOL moments, and a couple aca-awkward moments that had me squirming. So that's a plus.There are 2 reasons this book got its second star. The first is that I did enjoy most of it, the end was just awful. The second is that, given my sleep deprived state while reading a lot of it, I don't trust myself to judge it fairly, so it gets a little bit of benefit of the doubt.