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Going Cowboy Crazy - Katie Lane I recently went to visit my sister in Sheridan, Wyoming. I was completely enthralled by the culture there, including (but not limited to) cute, charming cowboys. So I saw this little gem pop up on the B&N top 100 list, and I just had to get it.This is written from both the point of view of Faith, uptight city-slicker academic who's looking for her long-lost twin, and Slate, charming cowboy extraordinaire. It was a little more Harlequin-romancey than I was expecting. By that, I'm not sure what I mean, other than maybe a bit dramatic and over-the-top. Like, going way overboard with things. Things like country metaphors: "After twenty-four hours of suppressing his sexual urges, he felt like a Brahman bull penned in a chute with his flank strap cinched too tight" ...what?Well, I'm not sure how I didn't see that coming with a main character named Slate.In a lot of ways, the book was pretty predictable. However, Faith and Hope's meeting did NOT go how I was expecting. When that happened, it was almost like a slap in the face that woke me up in this otherwise borderline run-of-the-mill story.So, nothing earth-shattering, but I was in the mood for a charming cowboy, and this book definitely delivered.