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Taking Chances (Taking Chances, #1) - Molly McAdams 1.5 DNF starsYeah, I'm rating it even though I didn't finish it. I feel confident, however, that I didn't miss much in the last 90 pages, which is why I think I can rate it.I need to preface this review by saying that I loved Molly McAdam's [b:From Ashes|16122163|From Ashes|Molly McAdams|http://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1361745082s/16122163.jpg|21732137]. I loved it so much that I intend to reread it sometime. So, I was looking forward to reading this one for a long time and did have high expectations.What I got was unoriginal, full of cliches, sometimes irritating and LONG WINDED. Other than the completely excessive mundane details that litter every page (I'll get to that in a minute), it's a pretty standard NA fiction love triangle situation. Except for, as I've seen it referred to, "the incident."My nook version of this book is 356 pages. Around page 170, I was getting pretty bored & thinking about putting it down for good. Then, around page 200, BAM. Big event changes everything. I didn't know it was coming, and it was shocking. This is what you'll see everyone saying pissed them off so much about this book. Personally, I wasn't really pissed because I didn't care enough to be. The "incident" seemed like a deep, emotional event thrown into an otherwise shallow story to try to make it into something more than it was. That was what I found irritating.Also, From Ashes, like this book, went on forever after what seemed to be the climax in the story. I didn't mind too much in the other book, because I loved the stories & the characters and it was fun seeing what ended up happening to them. This book goes on forever, and as I'm sure I've made clear, I didn't care enough about them to know that much about what happened. Beyond that, it left absolutely nothing to the imagination. Every single detail was laid out for you to read. I don't love cryptic books, but I do enjoy a little more subtlety. I don't have much else to say about it. I will give Molly McAdams another try, and I would definitely recommend From Ashes. If I had walked into this book with no expectations, it may have been a 2 or 3 star, but I just had higher hopes for it than that.