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Breaking Nova - Jessica Sorensen 2.5 starsInteresting book by Ms. Sorensen. I finished it last night, still trying to gather my thoughts.This book is basically about people struggling to cope with the hands they're dealt. It's mainly about Nova, but it's partially written from Quinton's POV as well. For these two main characters, their struggle is with death and loss. There's a side character, Delilah, who's obviously having some issues, but we don't really know what yet. I'm guessing there will be a book about that.Honestly, it took me a few days to convince myself to read this. I almost put it down after two chapters. It's very dark and VERY melodramatic. For example, when Nova meets first boyfriend, Landon (mild spoiler which you'll find out about in the first chapter) who kills himself , this is what she has to say about it: "I was taken aback by how much anguish was in his honey-brown eyes - the torture and internal suffering." They were thirteen. The first couple chapters are the explanation for the downward spiral that follows. In some ways, I thought it was a little like Go Ask Alice. Not for the drugs so much (although there was some of that), but because you're on the journey for these characters' darkest days. Things got more exciting, of course, once Nova and Quinton met. But again, the drama. Yes, you feel guilty, I get it. I don't need to continue to read about it for 100 pages. It seems to become rather codependent and needy, but they are in a desperate situation, so it makes at least a little sense. I do wish there was a little more redemption for all the hell I was put through. I imagine book 2 will accomplish that, though.So, in the end... I liked it. How can I say I liked it after I just had nothing good to say about it, you ask? Hope. Like a thin ray of light shining through a tiny crack in the otherwise pitch black oubliette, there's a little hope always present. I'm sure I'll like the next book more. If you like Jessica Sorensen's other books, I'm sure you'll like this one too. But be warned, it's a bit depressing.