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I've fairly recently become obsessed with reading. This is just me sharing that love with the world. :)


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Clockwork Princess - Cassandra Clare Oh my goodny. I just finished the book moments ago & i am speechless. Honestly, the first half or so of this book, I was skeptical. I loved the first two & was feeling like this one was a little too helter skelter with all that was happening & all the different points of view it was trying to accommodate. It also felt a bit emotionally devoid, especially considering the agony I had been left in after reading the second book.The second half, however, completely changed my mind. It was not really what I expected, but everything I needed it to be to feel closure with the characters I now know so well. It was a beautiful story. I spent much of the last hour or so weeping; it's been a long time since I've felt so emotionally connected to characters in a book. I daresay this series is one of my faves, & one I'll probably pick up & read again, feeling wistful like i'm reminiscing about old friends.