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Linger  - Maggie Stiefvater Forever  - Maggie Stiefvater

huh.  I'm not really sure what to say.


Well, as with most people, I didn't enjoy the last two books as much as the first.  Linger was much too angsty for me.  Cole with all his drama, Isabel purposefully ruining relationships for no apparent reason, Clary with her parents (there's the teenager I was waiting to see).  Sam was the only one not being angsty, but he wasn't being much of anything else, either.


Honestly, I just wasn't very interested in these two.  Sure, there were some good parts, but I never felt compelled to pick it up again.  I finally finished today so I could just move on! 


The end was weird - partially concluded, partially not.  It seemed to me like it should be one or the other.  If you're going to answer some questions, answer all of them!  Although, now it looks like she's writing a random fourth book, to be released this year.  Missing the gravy train, I'm sure.  I guess you can't blame her.


Honestly, what it comes down to for me is that this was a beautifully written stand-alone book.  Shiver ended nicely on its own & just needed to be done, but I'm sure the publisher would have none of that.  I wouldn't recommend this series.


On another note, there was some interview with the author at the end of the first book in which she talked about how she liked to make her readers cry, like she cried when she read The Time Travelers Wife.  This seemed like an arrogant comment to me, like she had control over my emotions and would use me like a puppet.  So it could be that I was partially stubbornly trying not to like it.  Did I cry though?  Unfortunately, yes.  I didn't weep, just a couple little tears.  I'm pregnant though, so I'm not even sure that counts.