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I've returned from the land of the uninterested

Ten Tiny Breaths  - K.A. Tucker

I had a little hiatus there for a minute.  I reread Divergent in hopes of rushing through the trilogy, but after reading the first one, I completely lost interest.  Not only in the series, but in reading.  For some reason, I just needed a break.  Thankfully, I read this decent book & am back to life!  So here's the actual review:


I'll give you four stars, I think.

I gobbled this book up in a day.  I just finished and I'm still trying to process everything.  Obviously, I couldn't put it down.

Kacey.  I kind of like her, I think.  I love a good badass, and she is that.  She has a good sense of humor too.  The incident she endured is well-decribed and really makes her struggles understandable, for the most part.  I never do understand the "can't let anyone get close" complex that comes up in books so often, though.  I mean, I follow the logic, I suppose... but I don't believe anyone can successfully isolate themselves, unless they're sociopaths.  Maybe people think they can though.  Anyway, I digress.  I like Kacey.

I've read some gripes that it was a bit insta-lovey and you don't really see what warms Kacey to Trent.  That's true, but I think part of what comes out in the end is that Kacey hasn't been paying that close of attention  to those around her because she's been so wrapped up in her own turmoil.  So I can buy that she's not seeing what's going on with Trent, that he also has his own stuff going on.  I'm actually kind of surprised K.A. Tucker hasn't gone the "rewrite the story from Trent's POV" route with this one.  It might be interesting to see what really was going on with him.  Anyhow, because of this, I never really swooned over Trent.  He was obviously hot, but the nice things he said were a bit cliche, and few & far between.  Other than that, it kind of just seemed like Kacey's bubble of ignorant bliss.

Then there's the big twist. 

I saw it coming when he said his tattoo meant "forgiveness."

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  I must hand it to her, Ms. Tucker certainly doesn't shy away from fucked up things.  

I LOVED the side characters.  It really made a big, happy, if weirdly pieced together, family.  The epilogue was too much for me. 

I suppose there's a fine line between leaving too many loose ends and smashing me over the head with the HEA, but I could've done without it

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.  All in all, an enjoyable read, with more to it than meets the eye.