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I've fairly recently become obsessed with reading. This is just me sharing that love with the world. :)


Currently in the (apparently long) process of importing my books from GR.

Fifty Shades of Grey - E.L. James hopping on the bandwagon & reading fifty shades of lady porn... errr... grey.Just finished. I had been thinking it would be some sort of exciting plot line with some sexy times... but no. the sex is the plotline. that's pretty much it. porn, the whole porn, nothing but the porn, so help me god. I also do not find men beating women sexy... apparently I'm in the minority.The last 50 pages or so (out of like 360) started getting a bit more character involved. If someone gave me the second book for free, I'd probably read it, but I won't be buying it. I have no idea how someone managed to make a trilogy out of this.