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The Age of Miracles - Karen Thompson Walker I had a hard time rating this book with a number of stars... I had mixed feelings about it. I settled for three stars because I did enjoy it, it kept me interested and I would recommend it. The premise was really interesting, that the world just starts turning slower... let's see what happens! I think the author could have gone even a little deeper into what that meant, but I was still satisfied with where she went with it overall. I think the biggest thing for me what the characters. It's told from the viewpoint of an eleven-year-old. I completely understand the idea that she wanted this kid to be going through coming-of-age strife in the midst of all this other craziness, and sometimes it works. I think it would have been better told by someone slightly older though, that would understand what was going on and maybe be more involved. Or maybe I just feel weird about it because I didn't really connect with the characters at all... I didn't really feel for them or anything. Although, had I been really emotionally invested, this probably would have been a thoroughly depressing tale, so perhaps that's for the best.Long story short, good, entertaining read that could've been done better but it satisfactory the way it is.