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Wrong Bed, Right Guy (Come Undone, #1) - Katee Robert As the main character, Elle, so aptly puts it during one of her melodramatic freak-outs, the definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over and expecting different results. I don't know why I keep buying $3 nook books and thinking they might be good. They aren't good.This book was fine. I suppose I haven't read much from the sexy time genre, so maybe my expectations are too high. I really liked the story as it built, but the end was QUITE anticlimactic. There were characters introduced that you think must at some point play a larger part in the story. Nope, they're just introduced for no reason. The two main characters, as well as the whole story, was a pretty ridiculous exaggeration of anything that might even be sort of realistic.Whatevs. As I said, perhaps my expectations were too high. If you're looking to kill a few hours mindlessly, this isn't a bad choice.AAAAND I just realized as I wrote this that it's the first of a series. Of course it is. God forbid you write a shitty story in one book... keep dragging it out. perfect. I might give it more points, since that explains why the end was so boring, but the fact that it's unnecessarily been drug out for probably three books is too irritating. No points for you.