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I've fairly recently become obsessed with reading. This is just me sharing that love with the world. :)


Currently in the (apparently long) process of importing my books from GR.

Point of Retreat (Slammed, #2) - Colleen Hoover There's a lot to love about this book. As with the first one, I love how genuine the characters seem. They all have their own inside jokes & language they use, which the reader gets to be included in. I actually laughed out loud several times... my husband kept looking at me like I was nuts.This one's written from Will's POV, which is ok by me, but I think I preferred Lake's in the first book (although I seem to be in the minority). When I read the synopsis, I was really nervous that this was going to turn into another silly book about a girl being jealous about the ex. Luckily, their conflict is much more realistic & less petty than that. I will definitely be getting the third book as soon as it's released.