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The Host - Stephenie Meyer I finally gave in & read this book. I'd say it met my expectations as far as how much I thought I would like it. It was pretty original, and I liked how Ms. Meyer thought really outside the box with Wanderer talking about the other worlds she's lived in (the one where there were three genders kinda blew my mind for a sec). I've always envied people who could just make up worlds like that; I don't think I have the creative capacity. It was slow at times, but kept me interested & wanting to finish. And can I say that I love that this is a stand-alone?There were a couple things that bugged me, of course. Wanderer was such a martyr... which is conveniently the nature of her species, but it got old. Although, where Wanderer is the classic Meyer martyr, Melanie's pretty badass, so I was impressed with how she was written. I would have loved to hear more from her. And of course, the love quadrangle. Everyone's jealous of everyone else. I feel like it's old news. I was glad I read it this late in the game & got the bonus chapter at the end. There was a big chunk missing in there & I'm glad I got to read that, and I of course liked that it was from Melanie's POV.