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This Girl (Slammed, #3) - Colleen Hoover I usually think that books like this, where the same story is told from another perspective, is just a last ditch attempt by authors/publishers to drain every last drop of profitability from a franchise. I did not feel that way about this book. It helps that I LOVED the first two books and loved the characters & hadn't had enough of them. (By the way, I don't think this is really a book you can pick up & enjoy if you haven't read the first two. I'm sure it would suck pretty badly as a standalone.) There were some parts that were entirely new to the story (like how much Will & Lake's mom had talked without Lake's knowledge), and other scenes that were just enhanced by hearing another perspective. It almost made me ache reliving some of the hard times they went through, but it's broken up nicely by bits of their present-day honeymoon. There were times about 70% through when I was thinking, "ok, I GET IT, you're so madly in love with each other and everything seems right but it's also wrong, blah blah blah." But there were parts, like the epilogue, that were genuine & wonderful. Plus, you get more Kel & Caulder, both whom I love.I would definitely recommend this for fans of the series. Even if it gets a bit repetitive for a minute, it's worth it. As I said, it doesn't have a ton of value as a stand-alone, so I wouldn't say I loved in nearly as much as I loved the first two... but I loved the first two enough that I would have liked this by default.