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The Gamble (Colorado Mountain, #1) - Kristen Ashley 2.5 starsI can't decide if I'm giving it an extra half star based on merit or because I feel obligated since it took me a damn week to read this behemoth.I've read reviews that said there was too much going on in this book. It's true that there are lots of side characters and stories, but I'd stop short of calling it too much. I think the side stories gave an opportunity to learn more about the main characters by reading how they responded to said events. What was too much was wordiness in general. I found myself skipping over a lot, just because there seemed to be A LOT of pointless words. (That said, I am known to skip a lot of descriptions & stuff, but this book is ridiculously long).I did like both the main characters. Nina is sassy & not a complete idiot, which is refreshing. She has a good head on her shoulders, and even if she flees a little too easily, she's a pretty well-rounded character. Max is your alpha male, well done for the most part. I generally don't like alpha males because they're overbearing and douchy, but that was not the case with Max. I liked how he was written, which is why I was taken aback by the completely excessive use of the word "fuck." I'm a potty mouth myself, which leads me to believe I can't be the only person who noticed. I'm not offended or anything, but it felt like she had him throwing an f-bomb in every other word, just in case we missed the fact that he's manly.All in all, it was ok. I liked it enough to keep reading. I don't think I'd read any more from this author based on my experience with this book, but never say never!