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I've fairly recently become obsessed with reading. This is just me sharing that love with the world. :)


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Losing It - Cora Carmack At the beginning of this book, I thought to myself, "Oh God, what did I get myself into?" Because, I'll be honest, theater people drive me nuts. And this book is full of 'em. I did realize something though: in fantasy books, nothing is too outlandish because the author is creating a reality; in a book about theater people, nothing can be too dramatic or unbelievable because an actor could potentially actually be that dramatic. So it worked. But I digress. I was pleasantly surprised by this book. There were several LOL moments. This was one of my faves: "Like a complete psycho, I leaned my face into the pillow and sniffed like girls in books and movies always do to see if I could still catch his scent. I couldn't. And I felt super creepy." There were a couple times I was caught off guard by something actually meaningful, not something I'd expect in a cheap little NA like this. It was a little instalove, but whatever. The ending was cute and I am looking forward to reading Cade's story in Faking It.