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The Forever of Ella and Micha - Jessica Sorensen What did I think, you ask, Goodreads? Good question. Sometimes I read these books so fast, I find myself sitting here after the whirlwind trying to make sense of it all.Anyhow, as mentioned, I whipped right through this one. I continued to enjoy the story, and I love Micha (even if I think his name is spelled weird). He is the perfect balance of confidence & wearing his heart on his sleeve & playfulness and manliness. And of course, sexiness. There was a lot of reminiscing about Ella's and Micha's past, and it was fun reading their stories and learning how they grew together. We also got to learn a bit more about Lila and Ethan, and get a taste for what's to come in the third book.However, I'm just not sure this needed to be a series. There was no real big, main crisis being dealt with here. It was basically Ella continuing to work through her issues, and Micha helping her. Even so, this book pretty much met my expectations. I liked the story during the first book, and I continued to like it through this one. I do enjoy Jessica Sorenson's writing and I'll probably buy the last one in this series when it comes out.