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The Impact of You - Kendall Ryan Well, I read another Kendall Ryan book ([b:Resisting Her|16436496|Resisting Her|Kendall Ryan|https://d202m5krfqbpi5.cloudfront.net/books/1358995140s/16436496.jpg|22624455]), but I forgot to review it right away, and couldn't remember enough to write a review a month later. So I decided to read another of her books to review!One thing I liked about both books is that the premise of the story is pretty unique, not necessarily standard for NA romance. In this case, Avery's big fat secret is that she let a boyfriend take naughty pictures of her, which got all around her school & ruined her last year of high school. I liked that choice of topic, because it seems like something the kids these days are doing quite a bit. I liked how it was written from Jase's and Avery's points of view, and each of them had a valid point when the shit hits the fan. And call me a sap, but I like the nicknames based on inside jokes between the characters. In this case, Jase calls Avery "Whistle". I just think it's cute.Even though this was unique in some ways, it was also annoyingly the same in other ways. Of course, there were the eye color and smell references, "babe" calling, and knee-jerk reactions to the smallest issues. Each time one of them talked to someone of the opposite sex, fists were clenching, thoughts of wall-punching abound, and they start drinking heavily immediately, despite the fact that they both claim to dislike drinking. I did a lot of eye-rolling and skimming through those parts. I did, however, enjoy that toward the end of the book, Avery is getting sick of his possessiveness: "I don't know what's with his weird sense of responsibility toward me. But I want a friend...maybe a boyfriend...not a guardian."In the end, I still enjoyed the book and would recommend this author for quick, easy reads. In a genre of identical stories, there is definitely something to be said about someone that can have an original idea, even if there are some cliches.PS - One thing I've been noticing a lot lately is that I get to the end of the book, and then think about the title and don't understand. The title of this book doesn't make a ton of sense. Sure, some people made some impacts on some people, but isn't that generally true of all stories involving more than one person? Whatevs.