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I've fairly recently become obsessed with reading. This is just me sharing that love with the world. :)


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Slammed (Slammed, #1) - Colleen Hoover I read this and Point of Retreat (the second one) in pretty quick succession, so it may be difficult for me to differentiate enough to write separate reviews, but I'll do my best. What I loved most about these books was that they seemed real. Nothing was really overly dramatic and the characters were really genuine. I especially loved Lake. I think she acted exactly as someone in her situation would: an 18-year-old stuck a little bit in immaturity but growing up quickly. I was afraid I would think the whole slam poetry thing was really cheesy, but I did not. I am slowly falling in love with Colleen Hoover. I loved Hopeless as well & wouldn't hesitate to read more of her books.